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System Requirements:


Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



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Windows XP Password Recovery—Recover Windows XP Password


Lost XP password to log on to your Windows XP system? Tried so hard but still cannot remember the correct one? Think you are unable to do windows XP password recovery other than hiring a password hacker to regain the access to your computer? There are better options available for you.


Manual Way to Do XP Password Recovery

According to the support page of Microsoft, you can reset the password to log on to your computer if:
You’ve previously created a password reset disk for your computer;
The password of the “Administrator” account is blank.


In the first case, you can use the reset disk to regain your control of your computer. In the second, you can log on as an administrator to assign a new password to your account.

However, if your case is none of the above, you may have to reinstall Windows XP and all the programs that were installed on the computer to use your computer again.


Any easier and quicker way?


Automatically Recover Windows XP Password with Magic PassNow!

No need to hire someone to crack the password, or reinstall your operating system, simple clicks will easily get windows XP password recovery done.


Magic PassNow! is a professional Windows password resetting program. It is able to safely delete the origin password without any data loss, and allow you to log on to Windows XP without a password. After that you can recreate a password for your account.


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How to Use Magic PassNow! to Do Windows XP Password Recovery

Preparation for windows XP password recovery: your own computer; USB flash drive or CD; the other computer which you have accessed to and has installed Magic PassNow! .


Recover windows XP password step by step:

  1. Open Magic PassNow! and insert the USB flash drive or CD into the other computer.
  2. Select your flash drive or CD and click on “Create Now” at the main interface of Magic PassNow! to create a Live USB/CD. After the creation, click “OK”.
  3. Insert the flash drive or CD into your own computer, and start the computer. During its starting, press the key “Esc” to enter the Boot Menu, and select Removable Devices.
  4. After you see the main interface of Magic PassNow!, select the Windows installation on your computer, and then choose the account which you want to reset its password. Click on “Reset Password”.
  5. Close the program and restart your own computer. Now you can successfully regain the complete control over your computer.

Pretty easy to do XP password recovery with Magic PassNow!, isn’t it? You can download this magic password recovery tool right now!

Windows XP Password Recovery