Windows Vista Password Reset

No Need To Reinstall Windows

Support USB Drive, 100% Reset Rate

System Requirements:


Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



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Easy Way to Do Windows Vista Password Reset

Forgot Vista Password? If you are searching for ways to easily do windows vista password reset, here are some recommendations that you may find helpful. Windows vista password reset can be done by both manual and automatic way, and the former one is more complex and high-tech needed, which can only be realized by exports. But, for common PC users and those who do not want to waste too much time, automated way is highly recommended.


Manual Way for Windows Vista Password Reset:

When setting a password, a prompt question is asked by system, and follow it to recall your password.

If you cannot do that , please follow the below steps to recover it:

Reboot your computer, click F8 when the boot screen appears, and then select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”.

After the end of operating process, click “administrator” to enter Command Line Mode./

If your username is “abc”, type in “net user abc 123456/add” order, that is to say, the ¬†password for user abc will be changed to 123456 by force.

And if you want to add a new user(take def as an example), you need to type in “net user def 123456/add”, and make this user has super authority by entering“net localgroup administrators abcd /add”command.

Reboot your computer, and run it in normal mode, then you can enter with abc user with 123456 command.


Have you got it? Yes, the manual way for windows vista password reset is very complex, so, it is hard to be managed by common people. And more importantly, if you do not have a 100% certain on it, some unknown yet big troubles may cause your computer freezing. So, a professional and easy-to-manage assistant for vista password recovery is highly needed.


Auto Way for Windows Vista Password Recovery:

Click to See How to Use Tutorial


Free download Magic PassNow

Insert a USE device and select it in Magic PassNow.

Click Create Now to upload data to your USB device.

Insert the USE device to the PC you want to reset password.

Reboot your PC and click Esc when booting to choose and enter USB device.

Select the system needed to reset password in the main interface.

Select the user needed to reset password and click “reset password” button.


After the above settings, the password for selected user will be cleared and you can enter your computer or do windows vista password recovery easily!

Windows Vista Password Reset