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Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



I have a lot of passwords to remember and I often forgot them. Thanks to your windows 7 password reset tool and I never forget windows login password any more.

---Clayton, Connecticut


Your tool is the best I’ve ever used. Thanks very much.

---Derwin, New Mexico


I used the manual method to find back my windows password but it didn’t work. Then my friend told me about your tool. I finally reset it with your recovery tool.

---Ella, Tennessee

Windows Password Reset Tool Helps You Recover Password

In our daily life, there are so many passwords we should remember. People sometimes may lose their windows login passwords. Then how to find lost passwords back? I have tried several ways to reset windows 7 password. Now I will tell you some of them.

The Primary Means to Reset Windows 7 Password

There are two methods you can use to solve the problem manually without a windows password reset tool.

1.Login with Administrator
Restart your computer. When system login interface comes up, press on “Ctrl+Alt” button, meanwhile press “Del” twice, you will see a new login interface. Type “Administrator” in “User”, with “Password” left blank, then click “Enter”. Now you have already logged into windows. And don’t forget to reset your password in control panel.

2.Password reset disk
To use password reset disk, you must have created a password reset disk before your password is lost, or you can’t use this method.

Insert the password reset disk. Then type a wrong password and click Enter. You will see a hint like “use password reset disk” and click it. Then you can reset your computer password by following the steps in the Password Reset Wizard.

However, the two ways above are a little difficult and if you have no enough computer skills, you may destroy certain system data. I know another way to automatically recover lost password, to use a windows password reset tool.

Use Windows Password Reset Tool to Recover Password

Magic Passnow is a windows password reset tool which is approved to be the most useful helper for password recovery.

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This windows password reset tool owns many features:
It supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7, easily resets any windows login password;
High success rate of 100%;
We provide one year free technical support;
Reset password safely and effectively;
It supports both USB and CD/DVD removable devices;
Easy to install and operate;
Need no further computer skills.

Operating Steps of the Windows 7 Password Reset Tool

The operating steps are very easy and support both USB and CD/DVD removable devices . Take USB as an example.

1, insert USB on another computer. Start the recovery tool. Click the button in chart 1 and then choose USB device. Click “create now” on the bottom of the interface. This tool will load data in your USB automatically.

2, after it finished, click OK in chart2.

3, inset the same USB on the computer which needs to be reset password and restart the computer. In the very beginning of windows starting, press ESC button (The command may be different as the systems are different. It is on the special situation.).

4, then you will see this interface. Select Removable Devices and click Enter.

5, before password reset, you should choose a user name, for which you need to reset password. Then click the “Reset Password” button.

6, last step, check the item “password protected”. If it is blank, it means that you have reset password successfully.

Windows Password Reset Tool