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Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9


reset Windows 8 password


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How to Reset Windows 8 Password?


Actually, There are two account types in Windows 8 which are Microsoft Account and the local account and you can reset windows 8 password separately.

1.How to Reset Windows 8 Password with the local account?

If you used a local account to sign into Windows 8, the reset process is the same as what you did in Windows 7 (please refer to 

2.How to Reset Windows 8 Password with the Microsoft account?

Hint:  What is a Microsoft Account?

There’s a good chance for you to have already had a Microsoft account. A “Microsoft account” is a new name for Microsoft’s online account system, which was previously known as Windows Live ID, Microsoft Passport, and Microsoft Wallet, among other names.

If you’ve ever registered for a Hotmail account or Windows Live ID; that’s a Microsoft account. Microsoft accounts are now also used for other Microsoft services, including Xbox Live, Windows Phone, and Zune.
While most Microsoft accounts will probably be associated with an,, or email address, you can create a Microsoft account linked to any email address. For example, you could have a Microsoft account linked to your email address.


If you want to reset the password for Microsoft Account, you must use the Microsoft online service. Because the password is not stored in your PC but Microsoft's Server. Of course, we cannot hack their servers. But if you just want to access the PC and the files in the PC, well, you are in the right place.


Step 1Click here to Download & Install the program (Live CD/USB Creator).

Note: If you are using IE9, please click "Run" at the bottom after clicking download.


Step 2 After installing the program, create a Live CD/USB.

Note: Magic Rescue CD(including Magic PassNow!, Drive Dumper-Clone hard drive, PartedPlus-Create/Formate/Resize partitions ...) are Windows-Less programs. It means that they do not need a normal Windows system to run. You can run these rescue tools at any time, Even your Windows is Crashed.


You should boot from the Live CD/USB you have created. It will create an clean environment which does not require Windows or other system to run the Rescue tools.


Insert a Blank CDR/DVDR disc in your CD-Burner. Click "Create Now" to create a reset CD. Alternatively, you can also insert a USB stick to your PC and create a Live USB.


Step 3 Reboot your computer and Reset Password.

Firstly, After successfully creating the Rescue CD, insert the CD/DVD/USB stick to your PC. 
Secondly, Change the boot order of the targeted PC in BIOS.

If the optical drive is not the first in the boot order, your PC will start "normally" (i.e. boot from your hard drive) without even looking at what might be in your disc drive. 

You must reboot the targeted PC and hold a Hotkey to Enter the BIOS menu.
Example: IBMDELLPhoenixLenovoHPSonyNECTOSHIBAASUSAcerGateway 
(Can not find the brand you have? Please refer to your PC manual to find out it.)


Step 4 Reset Windows 8 Password.

If your system is Windows 8, our program will promote a wizard page to you.


1:  Click the "Enable Administrator Account" to make administrator account available to you.

Administrator account is a local account, it does not require any online authentication. After that, you can completely control your PC. It does not require any password.


2:  Reboot your computer and login with Administrator account (No Password is required).
Administrator account may not be displayed. In this case, you must click the extend button

to display it.