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Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



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Recover Windows 7 Password-Easily Log on to Windows 7

It may be a disaster that forgot the log-in password of computer. In our daily life, it is a common phenomenon that most computers have their log-in passwords in order to meet personal or business needs. So, what should you do to recover windows 7 password? Follow me!

recover windows 7 password

If you want to recover windows 7 lost password manually, maybe it's pretty hard. To log onto the computer successfully without any data or file damaged, you should have effective software to recover windows 7 password. With the help of password reset tool, you can easily regain the access to windows system. Next, let's see the specific steps.

Specific Steps to Recover Windows 7 Password

Step 1:

Download the Magic PassNow and then open the software. Next you should insert a USB drive or CD to another computer which can operate normally.

Step 2:
You will see the following interface. Now let's take USB drive as an example, after insert the USB drive, click Create Live USB and click Create Now.


Step 3:

Insert the USB drive to the computer which you can not log in. Launch the computer, and click the ESC as soon as the system boots. (Different system may have different situation, just according to the system prompt to decide clicking which button.)

Step 4:
Enter into the boot selection interface. You will see a boot menu which has four options, choose the Removable Devices.

Step 5:
Enter into the main interface of program through USB drive, and select the system which is going to be reset the password. In the interface of user list, select the user name for which you want to reset password.

Step 6:
If the password protected of user name has no content, the reset is complete successfully. You can enter into your computer.

Magic PassNow! – Easily Recover Windows 7 Lost Password.

Actually, Magic PassNow! can not only recover windows 7 password, but also is compatible with other operating systems.


You do not have to worry about whether there will be any danger for your computer, this software has 100% success rate.


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Recover Windows 7 Lost Password