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Lost XP Password can be Recovered in such an Easy Way

Since you come here, I know you are bothered by the lost XP password. Lost xp admin password is really a nettlesome thing for all, but no need to worry any more, since you are here. In this article, we will show you some common solutions of how to recover lost xp password.


There are mainly two ways you can use: manual way ( which is complex and needs related technology, thus it can only be done by professionals), and automatic way ( which is easy and safe, and can highly save your time and energy).


How to Recover Lost Windows XP Password by Hand?


For common account password:


Restart your pc

When reaching the system login interface, pressing Ctrl+Alt and double click DEL key at the same time

Enter "Administrator" on the new appeared login interface with no password.

Click to Enter key to login

To reset your password in Control Panel


For administer password:


If the lost xp password is for administer account, you can follow these steps:


1. Reboot PC, pressing F8 until appearing advanced options.

2. Select "Command Prompt Safe Mode"

3. Choose "administrator" option to enter command mode.

4. Enter the command: net user ***** 123456 /add, after which, your password will be changed to 123456.

5. Reboot your PC, operate it in common mode, and login in with new password 123456.

6. To reset your password in Control Panel


How to Recover Lost XP Admin Password Automatically?

Click to See How to Use Tutorial


I think you have realized the complexity for manual way to recover lost xp admin password. Since manual way is not highly advised due to that it largely wastes time and energy, an easy and effective tool is your best choice, which can help you complete the whole process through simplified process.


Magic PassNow is truly such a tool which can help you recover lost windows xp password easily and safely. You just need to free download it, and with a USB or CD device along with several simple clicks, your lost xp password will be cleared and you can enter your PC to reset it easily.

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