Reset Lost Windows 7 Password

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No Plug-ins Installed on Your Computer

System Requirements:


Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



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Lost Windows 7 Password? Only Several Steps can Reset the Lost Password.

We have all kinds of passwords, our banks, online shopping, and others. Once the password was forgot, we may get back through the email or through other solutions. However, what should we do when we lost windows 7 password?


In order to get the lost password on windows 7 back, someone may try to do it manually or send the computer to the repair shop. No, no, no, absolutely a bad idea! If you do not want to damage some files of your computer or leak privacy, save it.


Then, how to get lost windows 7 password? Maybe you can try the professional password reset software. Among the numerous reset programs, I want to recommend Magic PassNow! to you. Only several steps can help you reset the password. No danger! No special computer skills required.

Quickly Get Your Lost Windows 7 Password.

Step 1: Download Magic PassNow and prepare a USB drive or CD.
Step 2: Create a bootable CD or USB.
Step 3: Setup USB to start the computer and enter into the boot selection interface. Select the button-Removable Devices.
Step 4: Enter into the program, and reset the password.
Step 5: As long as the Password Protect is blank, you are successfully get lost password for windows 7.

Note: the process is very simple, as long as you can read; you can complete the reset process with only several clicks. Sounds magic? Sounds incredible?

Magic PassNow!-Helps You Reset Lost Password for Windows 7 and Other Systems.

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1. It can not only reset common user password but also can reset lost windows 7 administrator password.
2. Its simplified user interface suits for different user groups.
3. Powerful technical support! We can help you solve all kinds of problems until you are happy with it.
4. Only $ 34.95, much cheaper than congeneric products.
5. 30 days money back guaranteed if the program works ineffective.


It is a common thing that forgets the log-in password, so it is necessary for us to have effective reset software. Lost windows 7 password? Just ask Magic PassNow! for help.