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Handy Ways to Reset the Lost Admin Password

Since by default, the password to the Windows Administrator account is always left blank, if you lost the log on password of other user accounts, you can turn to the administrator account to reset them. But what if you only use the administrator account and have set a password for it? Is there any way to recover the lost admin password?


Being unable to remember the password for administrator account does not mean that you will have no chance to unlock the Windows unless you reinstall the operating system. Here you are offered useful tips for DIY administrator password recovery.

Manual Ways to Deal with Lost Admin Password

1. Precaution:
First we can talk about how to prevent such situation—creating Password Reset Disk (which is a file capable of resetting password even if you have changed your password since creating the reset disk).


Procedures for creating such disk: go to Control Panel—User Accounts, select “Create a password reset disk” or “Prevent a forgotten password” in the upper left-hand task section, insert a removable device to your computer, and type in the password for your admin account. Wait for the completion of disk creation and then put this disk at a safe place where you will remember.


Procedures for using this disk to reset lost administrator password: after you typed the wrong password, you will be shown a “Reset password” link below the login box. Click this link and insert reset disk, follow the Wizard to reset lost admin password.


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2. Remedy:
Have not yet taken this precaution and need get the admin password right now? There is still a remedy for you—create a new user account with administrator credentials: press F8 when booting your computer; select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and then “Administrator”; in the popped-up window, input “net user asd (or any other account name)/add” to add a new account; then type in “net local group administrators asd/add” to upgrade this new account to administrator account; restart your computer and now you can log on to your Windows as “asd”; go to Control Panel to reset your lost admin password (if you insist on getting this password back).


Could You Make It Easier and Quicker for Me to Do Administrator Password Recovery?

Most of us would never know the precaution until we lost admin password, and we are liable to make mistakes when we are using command prompt. So an easier, quicker and safer way is really needful.


Actually all you need is a third party password recovery program—Magic PassNow!. Only three steps then you can easily and safely reset the lost administrator password: create a Live USB/CD with Magic PassNow! on a computer to which you have access; insert the flash drive or CD into the computer that you have to reset its password; boot this computer from Removable Devices and select the account to reset the password.


It is applicable to all Windows OSs and all types of Windows accounts (administrator or user account), and it is very easy to use and requires no technical skills, so, what are you waiting for? Download it right now!

Lost Admin Password