Recover Your Windows System From Error

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System Requirements:


Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



" I think I will lost all my data and have to reinstall my computer! Thanks a lot. Now I can access my computer."

---Eric Smith, from US


" OMG~ Amazing software! It reset my windows password in a while. Only with an USB, i can enter into my computer again, perfect!"

---Jack, from CA


" Thx~ Guy! I have spent a whole day to guess my password. But your software solved it in just 5 mins since I have found it. It saved lots of valuable time, and the most important point was it does not trouble my work."

---加藤, from Japan

Safely, Easily, Recover Your Windows System from Crashed/Error

This is Your Best Choice - Windows Recovery!

Windows Recovery helps you to resolve some Windows boot up issues. For example, black & blank screen, 0xc00000e winload error and so on.



Fix MBR boot records
Fix DBR error parameters.
Fix 0xc00000e winload error


System Requirements

Clone with CD/DVD
. An accessible computer installed with Windows 2000 or above version.
. The computer contains an CD/DVD BURNER.
. A blank or re-writable CD/DVD.
. Your computer comes with CD/DVD drive.

Clone with USB drive
. Prepare an accessible computer installed with Windows 2000 or above version.
. A USB flash drive
. Your computer comes with USB port.


Recover Windows in 4 Simple Steps:

1. Install & create the Live CD/USB. Boot from it.
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2. Launch Windows Recovery !


3. Select the drive & fix it.

Very Easy to Use