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System Requirements:


Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



" I think I will lost all my data and have to reinstall my computer! Thanks a lot. Now I can access my computer."

---Eric Smith, from US


" OMG~ Amazing software! It reset my windows password in a while. Only with an USB, i can enter into my computer again, perfect!"

---Jack, from CA


" Thx~ Guy! I have spent a whole day to guess my password. But your software solved it in just 5 mins since I have found it. It saved lots of valuable time, and the most important point was it does not trouble my work."

---加藤, from Japan

Safely, Easily Copy/Clone Hard Drive on MS Windows

This is Your Best Choice - Dirve Dumper!

Drive Dumper will copy everthing in your source drive to target drive. Including system, boot recover, documents, programs, application settings, videos and so on. You can ignore the free sector or copy everything sector-to-sector if you want to do a failed hard disk backup. The CD supports SCSI/SATA/IDE/IEEE1394/USB. Supports 2K/XP/Vista/7.

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Copy your C Drive/Partition to new hard drive or new computer (including boot record, Windows, programs, settings & your personal data)
Backup your failed hard drive in Sector-to-Sector mode.
Partition layout Adjustment - If you want to copy your hard drive content to a new one. Disk Partition Resizing helps you to resize the partitions on your new hard drive to make full use of the rest space.
High speed cloning, save your time - Up to 2000MB/min, ignore unused disk space, high performance data copy algorithm.


System Requirements

Clone with CD/DVD
. An accessible computer installed with Windows 2000 or above version.
. The computer contains an CD/DVD BURNER.
. A blank or re-writable CD/DVD.
. Your computer comes with CD/DVD drive.

Clone with USB drive
. Prepare an accessible computer installed with Windows 2000 or above version.
. A USB flash drive
. Your computer comes with USB port.


Copy Hard Drive in 4 Simple Steps:

1. Install & create the Live CD/USB. Boot from it.
For mor information, click here!


2. Launch Drive Dumper!


3. Select the drive you want to clone in your computer.


4. Select target drive & confirm.

Finally, have a cup of tea and wait for a while.

Very Easy to Use