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System Requirements:


Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



" I think I will lost all my data and have to reinstall my computer! Thanks a lot. Now I can access my computer."

---Eric Smith, from US


" OMG~ Amazing software! It reset my windows password in a while. Only with an USB, i can enter into my computer again, perfect!"

---Jack, from CA


" Thx~ Guy! I have spent a whole day to guess my password. But your software solved it in just 5 mins since I have found it. It saved lots of valuable time, and the most important point was it does not trouble my work."

---加藤, from Japan

About Magic PassNow!

Magic PassNow! is a professional Windows password resetting program. It is able to safely delete the origin password without any data loss, and allow you to log on to Windows XP without a password. After that you can recreate a password for your account.


Only three steps then you can easily and safely reset the lost administrator password: create a Live USB/CD with Magic PassNow! on a computer to which you have access; insert the flash drive or CD into the computer that you have to reset its password; boot this computer from Removable Devices and select the account to reset the password.


It is applicable to all Windows OSs and all types of Windows accounts (administrator or user account), and it is very easy to use and requires no technical skills


With Magic PassNow! You can reset windows password in a better way.

Click to See How to Use Tutorial


  • Easier: Blank administrator password is not necessary, Password Reset Disk creation in advance is unneeded, and re-installation of operating system is never required. Neither deep computer knowledge nor special skill is in demand. All you have to do is clicking, clicking and clicking by following the Wizard of Magic PassNow!.


  • Faster: Only several clicks will quickly get you back to full control of your computer. The whole process of password reset would just take you up to 5 minutes!


  • More secure: without asking for an expert for help, none of your personal information would be released to anyone else except you. And you will lose no data other than the lost password during the course of password reset.

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